Lead Your Stressed Out Husband to God


Your relationship with your husband is as crucial as your relationship with God. God made your husband the head of the household and you, the helper. But what do you do when your marriage has been hitting the rocks lately?

Has your husband been stressed out lately?

Are you being the helper he needs?

Marriage can be hard work.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming! As a young new wife, I possibly know all the tasks a wife does on a daily basis: cook, clean, laundry, take care of the kids, possibly work a part-time job if needed, and make sure all the errands are finished for the day. We, wives, are constantly busy that sometimes we think our husbands aren’t doing enough. Am I right?

But, are we doing enough for our husbands? I don’t mean in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense.

Are we praying for our husbands when times get tough?

When he feels helpless and lost at times, are you connecting him back to God?

Are we being the helper that he needs? (Gen 2:18)

From my personal experience, I can tell when my husband is not himself. If your husbands are anything like mine, they are pensive, quiet, lost, confused, irritable, upset, and possibly clumsy with the things around him (such as everything he touches or passes by falls to the ground). When our husbands are feeling like that, they refuse to talk about it and most of the time they may feel disconnected from God.

No one likes the feeling of being disconnected from God!

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Being disconnected from God is the worse feeling. You constantly stress over things that you don’t normally stress out about. In a marriage, it can be hurtful to see the one you love stressed out and away from God.

If your husband has been feeling a bit stressed out, remind him that God is with him by doing some of these simple reminders!

Lead Your Stressed out Husband to God

Leave Bible verses on sticky notes

Place them in areas where he has the most contact with. For instance, if your husband watches tv most of the time and has the remote in a specific spot, leave it on the remote. Other places you can leave them at are in his lunch bag, wallet, coat pocket, cup holder in the car, and/or on his favorite coffee mug.

Inspirational videos/sermons

Everyone is on social media and everyone responds to their social media accounts more quickly than their work emails LOL. Leave some podcasts, videos, music, etc. that send a powerful and encouraging message.

Text Messages

Send him text messages on his phone on the hours you know he will checklike on his breaks and lunches. Sometimes, sending him a little reminder that you’re praying for him can change his mood while he’s at work.

Men’s Night

Convince him on going out with some of the guys from church. There’s nothing better than knowing you have a HUGE support system around you. Call one of the members and see if they can do a men’s night out and to invite your husband.


Lastly, simply pray for him. Pray for him before he goes to sleep, before he goes to work, while he sitting on the couch watching his favorite show, at his desk, and anywhere else he may be. Sometimes, just hugging him and praying for him can relieve some tension off his shoulders.

Being married can be hard work! Wives (and husbands), don’t feel overwhelmed when times get tough. God created man and woman to be together for a reason so they can get through the tough season. Wives, when your husband stressed out simply remind him that God is with him by providing him with God’s Word, praying, and encouraging him to go out with some friends from church. A good word will cheer him up! (Pr 12:25).

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Lead Your Stressed Out Husband to God

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