7 Ways to Get Along With Your Mother-in-Law

Are you having trouble getting along with your mother-in-law?

Does it seem like the both of you just can’t seem to be on the same page?

Before I had gotten married, my perspective of “mother-in-law” (MIL) was like the woman in the movie “Monster in Law” (this clip shows the best reactions from the MIL LOL). The mother was demanding, wanted the best for son, criticized, and even belittled her son’s new wife to be.

As a new wife to be, you may think that you will have to deal with that for the rest of your life. You may have been dealing with it prior to getting married. Well, I’m here to tell you that your relationship with your mother-in-law doesn’t have to be that way.  If you’re already married and your relationship with your MIL is still edgy, stay put.

Your relationship with your mother in law is just as important as your relationship with your husband. Your husband or future husband to be will want one thing between the two women he loves the most: a great relationship.

So, before your relationship with your mother in law gets any more tense, check out these tips that I used to help better your relationship with her.

7 Ways to Get Along With Your Mother

Go Out Shopping

Every woman enjoys hitting the stores and finding new outfits as well as clearance items. Plan a day to go out shopping. Find out each other’s like and dislikes in clothing, shoes, etc. Get your nails done together. Or even hitting up the grocery store is also a good way to enhance your relationship. Find out what items she buys so you can buy them for your husband. You know your husband will always love his mother’s cooking!


Do Crafts Together

Find a couple crafts to do together whether it be puzzles, scrapbook, a DIY, or anything in general. Almost every woman loves to keep their hands busy with something fun. Find a hobby to do together and make it a weekly get-together.


Join a Club

There are times when we will like someone to go with us to places for the first time. Instead of going alone, bring your MIL. Join any clubs that you think the both of you will like. It can be a Sip and Paint, Bible study, bowling, book club, etc.


Cook Together

A very wise woman of 101 years (true story) once told me:

“Two women can never be in the same kitchen”.

She has a point. Every woman has their own cooking styles. The way your MIL cooks is very different from the way you cook. Instead of cooking the things you already know how to do, find a recipe that neither of you had ever tried before. It can be fun and exciting!

Women Cooking Together.


Make a Girls Night

Sometimes, just relaxing at home is the best way to end the night. Find a couple of TV series or movies the both of you like and watch them together. I highly recommend a TV series so you guys have something to talk about.


Send Her Text Messages & Pictures

Send her a couple of text messages so she knows that you’re reaching out to her. Even send her quotes, phrases, jokes, anything to brighten her day. If you have kids, send her pictures of the kids. Keep her involved in their lives too! I send pictures of my kids (my cats LOL) to my MIL and she enjoys it!


Simply Communicate

Have a nice cup of coffee or tea and just talk. Find out how’s her day going, how’s she’s feeling, anything exciting happened during the week etc. Get to know her as a person and not just your MIL. Just doing this can alleviate any confusions and/or problems in between the two of you.

Mother Daughter Communicating

Your relationship with your mother-in-law may be rocky at first (or may still be) and that’s OK. Your relationship with her is something very important to your husband or husband to be. It may seem awkward at first but in the end, she will seem like no other than a good friend to you. Don’t see her as just your mother in law, see her as another person who likes to do the same things you do.

Know any other ways to create a better relationship with your mother-in-law? Or maybe you’re a mother in law that needs help getting along with your new daughter in law? Try out these tips and let me know what helped you the most in the comments below.

7 Ways to Get Along With Your Mother

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