Do a Bible Verse Exchange at Your Next Bible Study

There are many times when we want God to speak us. Especially, when we’re in need of help, danger or even when we feel like He’s been too quiet.

If you’re like me, I like to go to Bible studies to learn more about His Word but, also to hear if God has anything to say to me. There are times that He does speak to me through the study and I feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness because I finally heard Him speak.

Then there are times that I don’t feel like He spoke to me at all. Ever questioned if God hears your prayers? I know I do and the Bible says we shouldn’t question and believe but, sometimes it can be very difficult.

Well, here’s an idea that I had thought of and like to share with you. Sometimes, we need to do more than just read His Word and study it. Sometimes, we need to just act on it! 

This is called the Bible Verse Exchange. Very few materials are needed in which I’m sure the members of your church can find right there. After reading the word and studying it, try this idea for a change.


Pieces of paper (enough for each member to write on)

Pens (enough for each member to use)

A bowl or hat (or anything to mix up the pieces of paper)


Give each member a piece of paper and pen.

Each member writes a verse from the Bible that struck out to them. It can be from anything they saw from the day before, during the Bible study, etc.

After each member has written their verse, drop it in the bowl or hat.

Have someone or a group pray over it.

Have someone jumble up the pieces of paper.

Then pass it around and have each person grab one verse.

For a week, all members should try to apply their Bible verse in their daily lives. Keep it somewhere handy where they may see it every day like in their wallet, purse, desk etc.

On the next Bible study, members can share if their Bible verse was applied to their daily lives or how it affected them during the week. Encourage members to bring in things that may have had the Bible verse on it such as a canvas picture, frame, coffee cup, etc and share their testimony with it.

There are many ways God can speak to us. He uses people to speak to us. He uses things on this earth to speak to us. Sometimes, we just need to act on His Word a little more if we want to hear Him clearly.

I hope this post serves you well. If your church or group of friends tried this out, let me know in the comments below of how it went. Know any other great ideas to spice up your Bible study? Let me know in the comments below.

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