Why You Need A Spiritual Best Friend

BFFS! They are the 2nd best people in this world! All of us have best friends. Some of us may have one true best friend and then some of us may have a group of best friends. Either way, they are the people you go to for anything. But how many of us have a spiritual best friend? Is there someone like that in your friends’ group?

After graduating high school, I have lost contact with many of my friends. Maybe, even all of them! After I had found Christ at the age of 19, I knew I needed to have friends that were Christ-followers. As a new sheep in the family, it can be difficult to find them.

Luckily, you just need one friend. One friend that supports you from the beginning to the very end. I have a spiritual best friend and SHE is someone I can come to for anything, even if it’s just a prayer.

Is there anyone you know that’s like that? If not, here are reasons why you need one.

Why You Need A Spiritual Best Friend

They are your biggest supporters

Whatever task, quest, or anything at all you’re going through, they will ALWAYS be your #1 supporter. They’ll be the first to root you on when you haven’t even started to attack the task. They give you hope when you have lost hope. They remind you that you’re not alone in it; that Jesus and they too, have your back!

They keep you grounded

Sometimes, there are times that you may feel a little too “proud” of yourself. Out of respect, they remind you to keep yourself humble and to appreciate what you have now. They don’t mean to step over the border or cross paths, they just mean well and want to make sure that your heart is where it should be.

They pray for you and for your battles to be overcome

Sometimes, you need someone with a lot more faith and hope than you to help you overcome your battles. I know God can help you overcome your battles but, sometimes we lose hope and faith in our own prayer. We may have been trying to overcome a battle for the longest and sometimes we do need extra prayer requests to help with that. That’s when you need a spiritual friend to help pray with you when you can’t.

They help you overcome doubt

There are days that you may not feel like yourself. You doubt yourself,  you overthink, you become sad, depress, agitated, feeling every negative emotion. A spiritual friend helps you overcome doubt by reminding you of your great ability in God, by reminding you of your calling, by reminding you that through Jesus, you can do anything!

Spiritual Best Friend

They guide you

We can’t always be with our best friends every day but, they can still guide you to the righteous paths of God. They’ll send you images with quotes, facebook posts, text messages of faith, invite you to Bible study, etc. Anything to keep your faith in Christ and your heart pure.

They keep you posted on events

Our lives can get way too busy. These spiritual friends remind us daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, every minute on the clock of events happening at church, with the church, with the ministries, etc. They could be Bible studies, conferences, get-togethers, anything happening that they’ll know you’ll be interested in. They are like your calendar in person! LOL.

Through their spirit, you see the love of Jesus

Just talking to them and laughing with them, you see and feel the love of Jesus in them. You can see they have a heart for God and care for those that are close to them, even you. This is someone you constantly want to learn from and grow up together in Christ. This is someone who understands your feelings, your insecurities, your everything and know just how to handle it.

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Do you know any spiritual friends of yours? It may not be just one spiritual friend you have, you may a group of warriors praying for you. Please feel free to share this post and tag your spiritual friends! Let them know who they are and how grateful you are to have them!

Why You Need a Spiritual Best Friend
Why You Need a Spiritual Best Friend

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