Our 10 Month Journey in California

Planning on taking a vacation to California?

Or possibly moving there?

I had never thought I will ever leave my hometown. After I had gotten married to my husband, 3 months later we had moved across the country to California.

We were given the opportunity to start up a new building with the company we had been working for. We had thought it was a great new beginning for the both of us. Later, we discovered it was nothing but a bit of failure in our lives.

However, not dwelling on what had happened, my husband and I did enjoy our first year of marriage on a new piece of land. We’re both born and raised in New York, so seeing that side of the country was definitely something unforgettable!

California is one of the biggest states in the country as well as the most expensive states to live in. I had told myself for many years I wouldn’t live there because it was so expensive. Well, God had other plans for us.

If you ever decide to visit California, here are some places I recommend on visiting.

Our 10 Month Journey In California

San Jose

Traveling to the city with my husband is probably one of my favorite things to do. New York City has lots of attractions and is always crowded with people. The noise coming from the taxis honking, people making music on the side of the streets, and just people talking and yelling is what a typical day in the city looks like.

San Jose is probably one of the quietest cities we’ve ever been to. Surprisingly, there are not that many people on the streets or cars driving by. It has lots of attractions and parks to visit. Lots of major companies like Google, Tango, Apple, Paypal, have their headquarters over there.


San Francisco

The way it is shown in the movies is the same way you will see it when you visit. Streets are very steep and a row of houses all the look the same with different colors. Golden Gate Bridge is definitely something to see. Alcatraz was nearby, however, it’s about $80-100 per person! Make sure to bring lots of money if you do plan to visit that area.


Big Sur

If you want to take some breathtaking photos, this is definitely the place for it. It’s a beautiful drive along the coast of California. There are little side stops to park your car and take some photos. It is a very a steep drive so please have a seatbelt on!


Need a place to vacate but still do other fun activities nearby? Monterey is beautiful to enjoy the beach and visit the local shops around. There are great restaurants and attractions to check out. There is also an aquarium that faces the beach. Around September-mid-November, they have whale watching. So make sure to check that out!


My husband and I came here for our 1 year anniversary. It’s about half-hour north of Los Angeles. This cute little town is filled with so many coffee shops, restaurants, and shops.


This was our temporary hometown when we had moved cross country. It’s known as the garlic town of the world because when you step outside in the morning, you get fresh air and garlic (sometimes, cow manure was mixed in there). So, it wasn’t something pleasant to inhale in the morning.

Gilroy is really a small town with lots of farms around. You can see very far to the mountains. There are quite a few stores and fast-food chains around but, not much to do. In fact, I barely went out because there wasn’t much to do. LOL.

We could have traveled a lot more in California but, due to our work schedules, it would have been difficult. Also, there were not many shortcuts to get to certain cities. There were very few major highways, so traffic there can be miserable.

So, if you are planning to vacate in California or maybe moving there, check some of these places out. Let me know what part of California you visited. It’s such a big state that there is so much to see!

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Our 10 Month Journey in California
Our 10 Month Journey in California

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