Things to Know Before Moving Cross Country

Are you planning to make an extreme life change for yourself? Thinking about moving cross country for a new life? Or even maybe for a career?

Well, know what you are getting yourself into before making that BIG move.

I have mentioned that California is one of those places that you need to visit. My husband and I lived there before moving back to New York. We were offered a job opportunity that didn’t work out and decided to come back. Well, since it was our first move out across the country, I didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.

There is so much information in moving that it can be stressful! Well, luckily for you I have put together this post on tips for moving across the country. I’ve read and heard too many stories of how much stress moving can be. I wouldn’t want you to be stressed out either!

Before the move

Planning before the move


Research and know the locations of where you’ll be mostly at. Try remembering the main roads of the locations you’ll be heading to. Also, know the surrounding counties of the location to get familiar with them. I recommend doing some street view on Google to get a visual of what the buildings, streets, houses, etc. will look like.  Also, research the crime rates in the area and know what major crimes are constantly happening. It’s better to be safe than sorry!



This was one thing I stress the most because we were leaving from one expensive state to an even more expensive state. Decide whether you’ll be living in a house or an apartment. Check what’s the average rent or mortgage a person pays per month. Also, look at what utilities are included. For us, we had to get used to seeing “water included” since California is experiencing drought.


Grocery stores

Recognize the main grocery stores in the area. This was also a hard one for us. We were both used to one grocery store having everything we need. It was a huge adjustment going to 3 or 4 grocery stores to get all our ingredients. If traveling with family, look into wholesale stores like Sam’s Club or Costco.



If you don’t have your own car, look for other alternatives for transportation. Find out if there any taxis, buses, trains, etc. Also, find out if there are any monthly transportation deals to reduce costs.



Do a little research on the people. It’s always best to know what nationalities you’ll be mostly associated with. Also, know what other languages are spoken other than English.

Preparing the Move

Packing for the Move

Moving Companies

If your job is offering to move all your stuff, very little need to worry there. If you’re moving the items yourself, you may want to research a couple moving companies. Find out which one gives you the best deal for your buck. There are separate contractors that will pack your stuff for you however, it’s more money involved. Research moving boxes supplies and if there’s a package plan to avoid paying extra for supplies. Also, consider if you’ll be driving the moving truck yourself or paying drivers to do it.


Auto Transport/Car Dolly

For those who do have a car and don’t want to drive it, consider renting an auto transport or car dolly. Auto transports are a bit more expensive. If you have a brand new car, I recommend putting extra insurance on it through the moving company. You don’t want your sunroof to shatter!


Routes/ Gas/Weather

If you’re driving the moving van yourself, research what major routes, interstates, exits, etc. you’ll be using. Take into consideration the weather and season. When we were traveling back to New York, it was November. We took routes that led to Arizona, Texas, to avoid any winter snow that was happening up north. Also, research how far each gas stations are from each other. Know how many rest-stops there are along the way. You don’t want to be stranded in a state you don’t know!



Make sure the condition of your car or moving van is in good condition. Check the brakes, tires, fluids, etc. EVERYTHING! There were many times our moving van wasn’t going to make it LOL. The scariest experience ever! Also, know beforehand who to call if the moving van misfunctions, breaks down, etc. There should be a book or a contact information on the driver side of the moving van.



Most rest stop areas have chain restaurants that you can stop and eat. Then there are some that only have vending machines. Make sure to pack up a couple of non-perishable snacks in case you run into a deserted rest stop.



Have a good amount of cash on you. Some small towns are still old fashion and may only have cash registers without the credit/debit feature.

Arriving/ After the Move

Exploring in a new area after the move


Go around and visit the towns, cities, valleys, everything. Get to know the area and familiarize yourself with the things that stand out to you. Take pictures of everything that captivate your eye. Visit some ma and pop shops and ask questions about great places to eat, attractions, beaches, parks, etc. Find out if any clubs/events take place on a weekly basis. Try to become part of the “crowd” LOL.


Most Importantly

Have fun and make lasting memories!

Moving can be stressful! Don’t let another moving trip bring you down. Knowing beforehand what you need to do is always helpful and can relieve some stress off your shoulders.

Have you been to the other side of the country? What places have you traveled or moved to? Share this post with anyone you may know that is moving across the country!

Things to Know Before Moving Cross Country

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