4 Encouraging Reasons to Start a Blog

Hey there, future bloggers!

Yes, that’s right! I’m saying, future bloggers, because I am hoping and praying that after this encouraging blog post, you will want to start your adventures as a blogger.

So, thinking about starting a blog?

Is your mind going back and forth of whether or not to start one?

That’s okay, I’ve been there plenty of times. You start scrolling through Pinterest, reading about all these bloggers and their niches, and their income reports. You have a deep passion burning inside of you to start one but, then your doubts start to overcome your confidence:

Maybe, writing is not for me. I’m not good enough.

Will I be judged for speaking my thoughts?

What if my niche is not good enough?

What if I can’t get enough followers?

Will someone read it?

I’m not tech savvy.

I’m afraid to start.

DO NOT Be Discouraged

These same exact thoughts were in my mind, especially the last one. I feared of everything in the blogging world but, I changed that and decided to build up enough confidence and just start it. I kept a notebook handy and wrote down any blog post ideas that I thought might be helpful to anyone. After writing a couple of blog posts and creating my blog site, my fear of blogging started to diminish and my passion for blogging grew tremendously.

I started to really get into the nitty gritty of blogging when I had ONE follower, then ONE like and ONE comment. I was able to get into at least ONE group board on Facebook and Pinterest! It only takes ONE person to make a difference in your thinking of blogging! My blog is still in the process of growing but the little bit of support and followers I have gotten, helped me gain faith in my writing, in my blog, in myself!

Your Blog is Like A Flower

You have the fertilizer and the seeds. The fertilizer is where your blog will be hosting at. Who do you plan to make your blog with?  The seeds are your ideas that are ready to be planted. Like every plant, it needs water, sunlight, care, everything to make it grow. The same concept goes to blogging. You need to plant your ideas into blog posts, you need to shed light on your blog site with themes, plugins, colors, etc. Care for your blog; avoid spam and all those hackers by using the essential plugins. From one seed, many buds start to form. Then, those buds turn into flowers. Finally, all those flowers turn into a beautiful garden. That’s how blogging works; you get ONE follower then another and then another and then eventually, you’ll have a steady amount of followers that love your blog!

Most Importantly, Have Lots of Patience

Seriously, have lots and lots and LOTS of PATIENCE! Don’t beat yourself over the head because one day you had a couple views and then the next day none. Just like a plant, it takes a couple days until the stem passes through the surface. So take your time; enjoy the groove of blogging! Most of all, make blogging another part of your life! You’ll see; your blog will grow into a beautiful flower.

Encouraging Reasons to Start a Blog

Lastly, read these quotes by these amazing blogger that helped me get over my doubts and fear of blogging. For more info, click on the blogger’s link and it will direct you to their site!

“If you are thinking of starting a blog, I encourage you to really listen to that voice. If you feel God is calling you to share something, I encourage you to be obedient and brave – even when you don’t understand where it is going or why. If you don’t feel ‘called’ but are passionate about, I encourage you to pursue it and honour the drive in you to take it on.” – by A Little Light 

“The best way to learn something – whether it’s building a blog or investing your money – is to dive in and do it!” – by The Frugal Millionaire Blog

“if you believe in yourself and put in a hell of a lot of hard work, you can accomplish anything.” – by The Beautified Life

“Don’t let your future be determined negatively by your present. Change it so that in a year from now, you won’t be scrolling on Facebook like all your other friends after a hard day of work. You’ll be actually making real changes with your life to get ahead and make a difference.” – by Chasing Foxes

I hope this post brought some relief to you future bloggers. I have faith in all of you! Don’t give up! Just like everything else in life, it takes time and patience to master skills. If you have any more questions or want more insight on blogging, let me know in the comments below. I’d be happy to make another post.

Your blog is like a plant ready to be grown – Martika Diaz


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