When You’re the Only Christian in Your Family

When I had converted to be a Christian, I was 19. J and I had just started dating. I had been going to his church since I always felt awkward being in other churches. I thought after becoming a Christian, all my problems would go away at home. No more fights between my siblings, no more stress about debt, no more having to worry.

I was wrong.

I knew that God would bring me through my struggles but, I also knew the enemy would try anything to bring me down. He would bring down anything that is closest to you and for me, that was my family. On Sundays, I would walk into church with my head high, holding onto the Lord. For the rest of the week, I would feel conviction at home, school; everywhere I stepped foot in.

From my own family, I was made fun of and even got called the “good-Christian girl”. It had bothered me that I was being treated this way, especially by my own family. From my friends in school, they all assumed I was going crazy. I wasn’t hanging out with them as much and I was slowly isolating myself from them. As these things began to happen, I would wonder if it was a mistake that I had decided to follow the Lord’s footsteps.

I look back now and I know it wasn’t a mistake. If anything it was the best decision of my life.

If you’re struggling with being the only Christian in your family & friends, here some steps I’ve taken to help me get through it.


In your quiet moments, pray for all your family and friends. Pray harder for the ones that make fun of you each day; that one day they may seek the Lord. Prayer is a way to communicate with God. He knows your heart, He just wants to hear you, even when you’re having a bad day.



Read your Bible constantly. The story of Joseph and his brothers always gave me hope in my family. Do your own Bible Study or even find books based on faith. Find books to help lift your spirit up, you will need these in your time of doubt, fear, stress, etc.


Confine in Someone

Talk to someone about your problems, especially someone that has already gone through it themselves. It can be a pastor, a leader, a spiritual friend; anyone. They will pray for you and for your problems to pass. Someone who has more wisdom and understanding of God’s Word will guide you and help you overcome any doubts and fears by reciting His Word.



Believe that you’re not alone in this. There will be times that you no longer can go on with the problems. Firmly believe that God’s grace is greater than your problems. There may be times that you don’t understand what God is doing but you just need to trust Him in it.



Listen to Christian music on your phone, radio, anywhere. Some songs will relate to your situation. Choose a couple songs that raise your spirit up. I like to call these songs your spirit warrior songs. Listen to them when things start to go downhill. But even more importantly, listen with your heart. If there is something tugging at your heart telling you something otherwise, know that is the Holy Spirit guiding you. Trust it and believe it is from God.



Bless the rooms of your house. Proclaim the Lord’s name in every room, on every wall, everywhere. Let the enemy know that your house is covered by God and he will not step foot into it. Just like the Israelites in the Book of Exodus, they had covered their door frames with the blood of a lamb so the evil spirit can pass over them.



Praise and rejoice in the Lord’s name. There is nothing more powerful than worshipping the Lord in your worst condition. Yes, I’m talking about in your moments of depression, anger, anxiety; Rejoice in His Name like you never have.


Have Hope

Lastly, have hope that everything will come to pass. Hope is one of the best things we can have in our lives. Having hope leads to greater faith; everything will shine in God’s glory. Where there is hope, there is faith.

Being the only Christian in the family and among your friends can be tough. But, don’t lose your faith and don’t lose hope. That’s what the enemy wants to happen to you. By praying, believing, reading His Word, and doing so much more in His name, you will find the freedom of being a Christian. Maybe then your friends and family will want to join you on following Christ and enjoy this freedom with you.


When You're the Only Christian in Your Family

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