Get to a Woman’s Heart By Making Her Laugh

Ladies! Are you having trouble figuring out if he’s the one?

Are you having these feelings that you might think he is but, unsure because of so many past broken relationships?

I know; I’ve been there. It’s an awful feeling and sometimes you feel like you’re stuck. Well, here is some advice someone special told me.Before I had met my future husband, I was focused on myself. I was in college, working a part-time job, providing and doing everything myself. Through a friend, I had met J. He had happened to be attending the same college I was in. I had no intention of dating again and I was already almost a year being single. Well, couple months later, J had contacted me and wanted to go out for some coffee. Coffee? Sure! I didn’t think much of it.

Well, that coffee meet-up turned out to be the beginning of something beautiful. We met at Panera Bread,¬†ordered our drinks, and just sat down and talked. Believe it or not, we had sat there for almost 6 hours! We talked about school, our personal lives, goals, everything. We didn’t notice the time at all. He had a class that night to go to but, it was canceled (He later told me he skipped it just so he can stay talking to me LOL). For the first time in my life, I felt something between us. It was something different and something good.

Fast forward to today, happily married, we still talk about that day at Panera Bread. It was that day that changed our lives forever. I asked J one day, how he knew how to keep me happy for all those years. He said,

“I make you laugh, it’s how I got to your heart.”

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Make her laugh


Ladies, if the man that you’re seeing, dating, or just testing the waters can make you laugh, you better believe it’s a relationship worth having! Not just make you laugh but, can stay making you laugh.

Now, making you laugh is not just the only thing but, here are some positive qualities that laughter can do:

Relieves Stress

Laughing can help relieve your stress. All your worries and anxiousness can be wither away by a good laugh. How many times have we had a good laugh and say “Man, I needed that”?


It brings you both closer. You feel a strong connection between each other. You have inside jokes that only the both of you understand. Ever laugh so hard over something that happened months ago?


Laughing is a reminder. It’s a reminder of why you may have started talking to him or even love him. He knows how to make you laugh by being himself. He does these random things that he knows only you would laugh about.


Get to a Woman's Heart By Making Her Laugh


If a man can make you laugh, he’s worth having in your life. Above all the qualities we look for in a man, being able to make us laugh on a daily basis should be a priority. That is one of the main reasons why I am married to J today; He knows how to get to my heart. He knows how to make me laugh every day.

So, ladies, keep this in mind next time you’re hanging out with that guy that gives you butterflies. We should be able to laugh every day and enjoy life with the man who can make it to our hearts.

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Get to a Woman's Heart By Making Her Laugh
Get to a Woman's Heart by Making Her Laugh

Blessings Martika

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