6 Cheap Souvenirs (Under $5)To Get For Everyone

Ever go somewhere for vacation and remember you need to buy souvenirs for your close family and friends?

It can be difficult to find a little something for everyone without going over your budget. You also don’t want to be considered too cheap when buying gifts.

Well, here are some cheap souvenirs you can get for everyone without breaking your bank account.


These are fun to have! Great to hook on your collection of keys or on the zipper of your backpack.



I love covering my refrigerator with these! Also, getting the state magnet is fun to get if someone is interested in creating the whole U.S. in magnets.



An old fashion postcard is also great to give. Write the date and special memories on the back of them.



You can never have too many of these. Great for kids, students, teachers, basically for anyone who constantly uses them.



Make a fashion statement with bracelets. Great for anyone who loves any type of jewelry.


Playing Cards

An old fashion card game is also fun. Know anyone who loves to play Solitaire, Black Jack, Poker?

So, why break your bank account? These small souvenirs can make great gifts for anyone. What are your favorite souvenirs to give? Do you collect any? Let me know in the comments below.

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