Why You Should Stay Single For A Year

You had just ended a relationship. The both of you tried to keep things together but, almost every day you were fighting. You can no longer feel the connection and you can no longer see a future between the two of you.

You have this little bit of hope, I mean very little, that it was all a bad dream and everything will be back to normal. Unfortunately, it became a total nightmare when the both of you broke up… or he broke up with you.


It’s probably been a few days or a few weeks since your breakup and you feel completely lost of what to do next. Well, here’s a little secret: it is OKAY to feel this way.

Being single is not always a bad thing.

When I mean staying single, I’m saying stay single for more than a couple months. Stay single for at least year. Sounds a bit too long? Well, here are some reasons why you should stay single for a year.


You may have picked up new interests that you never thought you may be interested in. Take the time to revisit those interests and see if they are still appealing to you. Learning new interests is always a great way to enhance your skills in any areas that you may have never thought you could be skilled in.


Get To Know Yourself

While were in relationships, we tend to change just a wee little bit. We may not notice it but, other people can. Are you more outgoing? Are you more closed in? Do you have an open-mind? Knowing yourself can help you in the long run when you’re ready to date again.


Set Goals

Sometimes, our goals are set back due to life. Sometimes, when were in a relationship we feel like those goals can wait or really don’t matter anymore. After a breakup, you wish you had finished those goals beforehand. Re-set those goals and set new ones. Try to complete them in a year while being single. You never know what potential you may have upon completing them.



Focus on yourself.  Know and focus on the things that matter to you the most and make them a priority in your life. So that way in your next relationship, you know what items are more important and whether or not your significant other accepts that.


Love Yourself

Sometimes, we doubt ourselves in a relationship. We may think we’re not good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, anything is just not ENOUGH. Take the time to love yourself again and find those positive qualities in you. Appreciate the person you have become and push yourself to do things. Forgive yourself for any wrongdoings you have done in the past and move on. The relationship is over, why hang onto bad habits of yourself?

Being single is not always a bad thing. It can actually be fun when you really get to know yourself. So enjoy being single and enjoy life being single. Learn to take up new interests, focus on yourself and love yourself within that year.

Once you have started dating again, make sure that lucky guy knows how to make you laugh every day!


Why You Should Stay Single For a Year

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