DIY Valentine’s Day Tags

The love holiday is right around the corner! Yes, Valentine’s Day! The day everyone receives bears, chocolates, cards, etc. everything from their love ones. However, for most people, some of these can get expensive over the years! Instead of spending so much money, why not create this cute DIY Valentine’s Day craft.

Since I’m on a tight budget, I didn’t want to go crazy spending on Valentine’s Day for my husband. It’s just ridiculous, especially when the next day everything is half off! How crazy is that?

Instead of breaking the bank, I created these cute Valentine’s Day tags!


Aren’t they cute? Made with just a few supplies, you can hang these around in your home or even tie it around to a small gift!

Wanna make them?

Here is what you’ll need:

Assorted Rubber Love Stamps: you can get similar ones here.

Alphabet Rubber Stamps

Red Stamp Pad

Colorful Twine: you can get a similar oneĀ here.

Brown Cardboard Tags

That’s all you really need! No special instructions needed. Just write whatever message you want on one side then some cute stamp design on the other side. Loop in some colorful twine and hang them around. A great way to start Valentine’s Day!

Wanna make Valentine’s Day memorable? Why not give your significant other this special gift!

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