One Special Gift You Can Give for Valentine’s Day

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Flowers, chocolate, heart-shaped balloons, all this money spent just to make the one person you love very special for a day.

There is nothing wrong with that!

But, what if I can tell you there is one gift, a special gift, you can give without spending money. You would want to know, right?

Well, that one special gift is…


Throughout all our lives, we are constantly giving something to our significant other. Whether it be gifts, candy, kisses, hugs, pretty much anything. In return, we are receiving the same thing. Again, there is nothing wrong with that!

But, how many of you can just connect with your significant other? Like wholeheartedly connect?

How many of you still have that chemistry when you first laid eyes on each other?

Remember those butterflies?

Remember feeling your heart racing when they walk by or even say hello?

They were your crush at first. Then became a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, fiance and now husband/wife. As the years go by, the two of you get so comfortable with each other that you practically know the other like the back of your hand. It’s okay to know each other and it’s okay to be comfortable with each other. But, sometimes, that little spark you had at the beginning may have withered down to a small flame.

Revive that flame!

Revive those butterflies in your stomach!

Get your heart beating fast again!

Kiss your significant other like the first time you kissed!

Hug them like the first time you hugged them!

Laugh with them like the first time you laughed!

Connect with one another like the very first time you connected!


Life gets too busy with the things in this world that you don’t know what you’re missing out. Don’t let the busy things in life ruin your connection with your significant other. There will always be chances to do the busy things in life but, to connect with the one you love; it’s rare to have those moments.

Simply, connect!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! May all of you connect with the one you love! This is one special gift you can give them that is far more appreciative than a box of chocolates.

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