5 Houseplants Your House Needs For Spring

Spring is coming in just a couple of weeks. Of course, everyone is getting ready to Spring Clean!

Why not add some beautiful nature on the inside of your home! Make your home more welcoming than ever with some houseplants and flowers. 

I enjoy having flowers and plants around. They just make the atmosphere and the room more welcoming! Add some nature touch to your home with some of these plants! Make your home Spring ready!

African Violets

african violets

The African Violets bring so much to the room with just one color. This will catch anybody’s eye in an instant!


Cala Lily

This beautiful plant will bring elegance into your household. How could so something simple bring so much attention!


Areca Palm

Something about this plant reminds me of my family roots. (My family are all from Puerto Rico).  It’s like a miniature palm tree, only it doesn’t grow so high. Adding this plant into your home gives it that nice Carribean flavor!



This beautiful plant can grab anyone’s attention. They do, however, take forever to grow but it’s definintely worth the wait.


Devil’s Ivy

The name seem’s pretty scary but, this is truly a beautiful plant. Every single family member of mine will have this plant around their house. They grow very big and can be used to decorate the stairway, doorframe, anything that can look fascinating with this plant.

Having flowers and plants in the house makes your home feel more beautiful and connected with nature. Do you have any favorite plants or flowers you like to have in your home? Let me know in the comments below. I love to know!


2 thoughts on “5 Houseplants Your House Needs For Spring

  1. Used to have an African Violet for years such a simple but lovely plant! Never have luck with orchids though. So, hard to bloom again! I will have to check out the other houseplants! 🙂

    1. I love the African Violet! It is so pretty! Ive actually brought an orchid brought back to life. It took a while but it pulled through. Secret to the orchid is 3 ice cubes a week is all it needs!

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