5 Great Places for Blogging Inspiration

Ever sit at your desk and just stare at the laptop screen waiting for some inspiration to kick in?

Trying to figure out what’s the next blog post should be about?

Are you frustrated with having blogger’s block? 

Well, that is me today! I just can’t seem to get around to writing something. After spending some time outside with a lost dog, a little inspiration came to me when I noticed the mountains, the grass, and everything else of this beautiful day.

Need some inspiration? Try blogging in different areas such as these great places!



The gazebo is the best place to sit down and blog your heart out. They can be found anywhere: beach, park, or even in your garden if you have one.



Sometimes being home can ruin inspiration. Instead, find a favorite park or even travel to one you’ve never been to. Find a park bench and write!



Maybe you need more of a quiet area because your original blogging spot is too noisy and you can’t focus. Going to a bookstore/ library can help bring that peace and concentration back into your blogging. Recommendation: Find one that has a coffee shop nearby!


Coffee Shop


Why not drink your favorite latte at your favorite coffee shop and blog away! It’s always a great atmosphere in a cafe and who knows you might meet other bloggers there.



What better way than to relax and hear the waves crashing on the shore. Pop a squat on a beach chair and start typing! So many things happen at a beach, I’m sure there is something you can find to blog about.

Don’t you feel inspired already by looking at these places? Go to one of these places right now and let the inspiration flow through.

Got any favorite places you like to be when you need inspiration? Let me know in the comments below.

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