Fill My Spirit Saturdays Bible Verses

Fill My Spirit Saturdays are bible verses of the week that will fill your spirit up. Why not start your Saturday mornings right with God’s Word. Along with God’s Word, I have made an 8×10 graphic for each bible verse. Please feel free to download them and print them out for yourselves or for your home.

Read God’s Word day and night and you will prosper – Joshua 1:8


He gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy to the man who is pleasing in his sight – Ecclesiastes 2:26 

Be Holy, because I am Holy – 1 Peter 1:16


Return to me and I’ll return to you – Malachi 3:7

Feel free to:

Download and print any of the graphics

Make as many copies as you want

Please don’t:

Sell, re-edit, or post on your blog/website.

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