How to Grow Gorgeous Long Hair

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Are you tired of having short hair?

Or maybe your hair can’t past that point again?

Well, here are some tips that I used to get gorgeous long hair!

Currently, my hair is down past my hips. Having long hair takes a lot of care and patience! It can be a hassle to deal with and at times you may want to cut it all off but, having long hair is one of a lifetime feeling you’ll want to experience.

Many times I’ve been asked:

“How do you keep your hair so long?”

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I say I don’t know because I felt everyone did the same thing to their own hair. Well, instead of saying “I don’t know”, I’m to share with you what methods and products I use to get my hair where it is now.


Shampoo & Conditioner

Buying the right shampoo and conditioner can really make a difference in your hair growth. I currently use Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil. Occasionally, I do suffer from dandruff and so Head & Shoulders has been loyal to me. The almond oil is to help moisturize and restore the scalp.

Washing your hair 2-3 times a week rather than every day or ever other day helps the oils in your scalp to not dry out. Your scalp produces natural oils. Those natural oils are needed for your hair to grow.


Hair Oil

Applying a small amount of oil to your hair can help with growth. Now, many of you may apply the oil to your roots or even to your hair which is okay. I personally apply it to the tips of my hair to avoid any split ends forming. Use natural oils such as coconut, Moroccan, almond, and/or argan oil.

Apply a small amount every other day. Applying it every day can cause your hair to be very greasy. You don’t want that!



I have used numerous brushes in my day. I’ve learned that the bigger the brush the better your hair will come out. A bristle detangler paddle brush is my favorite! They take out the biggest knots and the bristles on the brush evenly spread the oil from your scalp to your hair. It covers so much surface area that brushing my hair has made it easy.

With a bristle detangler paddle brush, brushing about 2-3 times a day will help get rid of any knots that may appear and spread any oils on the top of your scalp down to the rest of your hair.


Hair Drying

Depending on the temperature, I usually let my hair air dry. However, I do use a hair dryer to dry out my hair. When drying your hair, flip your hair down towards the floor. Brush it out while drying. You may look crazy doing it but, the blood flow to your scalp can help with growth. Just make sure when you’re ready to stand up that you don’t knock yourself out with the edge of the counter LOL.



Now, I know that it is a huge temptation to get a new hairstyle. Your hair may not look how it use to and you want to grow it out but, it’s look out of whack and you can’t help but style it again. Try to avoid getting a haircut. Instead, just trim your hair off an inch or two. Trimming helps get rid of any split ends that may have formed.


What I don’t do


If you do decide to get a haircut style because a trim won’t do, then be conscious of what haircut you get. If possible, avoid getting any sort of layers. Layering is beautiful at first but, when your hair grows out, it can grow out uneven. Uneven layers can result in many split-ends causing you to cut it shorter than you actually want to on your next haircut.



Every woman wants to feel beautiful in their hair. I know I do. However, applying the curling iron and flat iron every day can actually cause more damage to your hair. It’s okay to style your hair once in awhile for a night out, office party, or you just want to impress your husband but, applying that much heat to your hair can cause it to break, damage, and even lose its texture.



With so many different hairstyles, there are so many different color dyes that come along with it. They make your hair look even more beautiful and attractive. I’ve only colored my hair once with highlights. It was stunning at first but, I started to see the red dye turn into brown then into orange. I had to dye my whole head dark brown to take out the highlights and even that didn’t take out the highlights. Dying your hair not just causes damage to your hair but it can cause damage to your scalp. Your scalp is a sensitive area so any damage can and will make damage to your hair. Natural hair color is always beautiful!


Love Your Hair


Let it loose

Leave your hair down and let it get blown in the wind. Yes, you may get lots of knots after but letting your hair breathe without any hair ties, headbands, etc. can actually help your hair grow.

Growing long hair can be a difficult task to do but, it can be manageable. Knowing the right products to buy such as shampoo, conditioner, and oils can help a lot with hair growth. Practicing good techniques such as trimming and proper hair drying is also essential to hair growth. Even though there are so many styles and dyes, avoiding these will really benefit you in the long run. When your hair is finally grown out to the length you want, enjoy it! You’ll never know when you’ll have long hair again!


How to Grow Gorgeous Long Hair

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