Why House Chores are More Fun with God

Chores! Everyone has them and everyone despises them. Instead of complaining of what needs to get done, enjoy them by doing this one simple thing every single time.

Spring had just started this week and everyone is on their toes cleaning every room, floor, and corner. Throwing what hasn’t been used and keeping what is still good. You have to love cleaning!

Well, not everyone gets that excited when it comes to cleaning, especially when you have your list of weekly chores.

We all had them as a kid maybe to get an allowance or to be able to go somewhere. If they weren’t done, we didn’t get our weekly reward. Now as adults, it’s nothing but pure responsibility.

Maintaining and keeping a home clean can be overwhelming if you have other responsibilities such as jobs, kids, pets, or anything else. Sometimes, when I have too much on my plate, I tend to leave the cleaning last. Which at the end I pay for because then I have too much cleaning to do.

If you’re like me, you complain. You complain that it is too much and no one else helps. You also procrastinate and leave the more complex stuff last or for the following week. Anything that has to deal with cleaning, you always find a problem with it.

Sometimes, I like to make cleaning go faster if I have music playing in the background. However, I don’t get much done because I’m too busy dancing to all the songs I haven’t heard in awhile LOL.

Then, I found another way to make my weekly chores go faster and how to enjoy them: I talk to God.

Now, some of you may say “Oh I always pray to God when I clean”. Yes, that’s fine too but, I prefer talking to Him.


Well, for once I’m in my focus state. I’m focusing on getting things done.

When were focused on getting things done, we don’t want anyone to talk to us. We just want to focus on finishing it and going onto the next thing. We just want to get up and go!

Most of the time, you may be the only one cleaning. But, think about it, when do you actually talk to God during your busy day?

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When are the times that you can be real with Him and just talk to Him?

You already have a busy schedule life with work, kids, husband, church, hanging with some old friends, etc. Where in your schedule do you have time to talk to God?

You probably answer that you have very little time to talk to Him. The way I see it is if the Bible says to put God in everything you do, why not invite Him in to occupy us when we’re doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or anything else.

Make your weekly cleaning less miserable by talking to God. He will listen.

From my experience, here are a couple of chores that you can spend time and talk to God.


Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, had probably hated do this chore but, it’s the one place I talk to God the most. Even if you’re placing it all in the dishwasher, God will like to know what’s on your mind.



The fun loads of laundry! Whites, colors, darks, lights, from x-small to x-large, they all have one mission. They all have to get cleaned. Talk to God when you’re loading and unloading the washer. Talk to Him more when you’re folding the clothes.



Dusting the rooms can take a quite of bit of time. While dusting and rearranging some things around, talk with God. Tell Him about your day so far and what you hope you can expect out of it.



Ever seen that movie “Bruce Almighty”? There’s this one scene where Bruce is talking to God while mopping the white floors in the abandoned building. Together, they got the job done and had a wonderful conversation. You can do that too in your own home.


Mowing the lawn

This is where my husband has his special moments with God. He puts on some headphones, goes on the tractor and mows away. Mowing the lawn can be daunting but, if you put all your focus on speaking to God, it can go by faster than you know.

By the time you have finished one chore, you will realize how fast and easy it was to get it done. That’s because you switched your focus to talking to God than on the chore itself.

It’s not every day that someone can hear us out and not have to comment, lecture, or even correct us. God will listen if you just simply talk to Him. In all that house cleaning that you do, He will see and listen to your heart as you speak to Him. Who knows, God may reveal Himself to you while you’re cleaning. 

House chores can be time-consuming and a little less fun, especially if you’re the only one doing them. Instead of complaining of what needs to get done, talk to God while you’re doing the chore. Talking to Him switches your focus from the chore to your conversation with God. He loves to listen to you. It doesn’t matter what chore you’re doing, (dishes, laundry, mowing) talking to Him can help make the time go faster and leaves you with a nice clean home. This is the time where you can be real with Him and really tell him what’s on your mind and on your heart.

Do you talk to God while cleaning? If you do, where do you talk to Him the most?

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Why House Chores Are More Fun With God

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