Don’t Be a Peter in Your Storm

If you were to choose one: faith or doubt?

Most of you would choose faith but, sadly you live in doubt. How do you overcome that?

Life comes with many ups and downs and it also comes with successes and failures. I’ve had my fair share of successes and failures. Like most of you, I’m not too proud of my failures.

What separates the things that turn out to be a success from things that turn out to be a failure?

The answer: self-doubt

How many times in a day do you doubt yourself on something because you can’t see the outcome of it?

Sometimes, you can’t see the other side of your problems because at the moment it seems like there is no way out.

Other times, it’s doubt. You doubt that you can’t overcome it. Along with doubt is fear but, for the purpose of this post, I’m only going to focus on doubt because it’s something most of us deal with on a daily basis.

The one story that comes to mind when I hear the word doubt is the story of Peter and the disciples who went out to sea on a boat. Jesus had told the disciples to go on the boat and He will meet them on the other side. Jesus had gone on off to the mountain to pray; He was alone. At around 3 am, He had approached them at sea during a raging storm.

All the disciples were terrified and when they saw Jesus, they doubted his presence. Peter, trying to be the brave one, commanded that if it was Jesus to tell him to come forward. Jesus listened and told Peter to come.

Peter started to come forward but, saw the storm and immediately started to sink. Jesus asks, “You who has a little faith, why do you doubt?” (Mt: 14:31)

Like Peter, most of us start to walk out on faith, usually on very little faith. But as soon as you start to see the problems coming your way, you start to doubt.

Don't be a Peter in Your Storm

Instead of focusing on the One who came to your rescue, you focus on the problem. Like the other disciples on the boat, you will doubt Jesus’ existence, especially if He came at a time that doesn’t make sense. Jesus went to them at 3 AM! Too many times we want Jesus to come now and solve our problems. However, Jesus comes on His time that not too many of us can ever understand.

When you focus on the problem, your doubt overcomes your faith. The Bible says you can have faith like that of a mustard seed, but if you doubt in your hardships, what good is your faith then?

In another story, Jesus is looking for something to eat because He was hungry. He saw a fig tree with only leaves on it. He had commanded the fig tree that it will no longer bear fruit; instantly the fig tree withered and died.

People had seen and asked how did He do it. He told them if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do more than what was done to the fig tree. You can tell the mountains to move. (Mt 21:21)

What Jesus is saying here is if you practice your faith and remember all the times you were able to overcome your doubts, you can and will do greater things like moving mountains.

When you do begin to doubt, start remembering all the times you were able to overcome those other hardships with the little faith you had. Declare that you can overcome the next obstacle and remind God how great He is and always will be in your storm.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you asked for in prayer. (Mt 21:22). In your prayers, you can’t doubt. You have to believe you will be delivered from your storms. You have to believe that Jesus will come to your rescue.

If you doubt on a daily basis, there are consequences you will face. When you doubt, your life will continue to be in a raging storm. You can’t expect God to come to your rescue if you doubt. Doubt creates your life to be unstable and you to be indecisive. (Jms 1:6-8)

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Nobody likes the feeling of not being able to make a decision. Too many people live on the two words “what if” and not on “Jesus can”. Don’t be another “what if” and be a “Jesus can”.

Sometimes, God brings us storms because He wants to remind us that we can’t overcome our obstacles without Him. It’s not that He is mad at you but, He solely wants to build up your faith in Him.

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Don’t be a Peter in your storm. Doubting only causes your life to always be in a raging never-ending storm. Instead, believe with faith that you can overcome your next obstacle. Like Jesus said, you can do more than sending a fruitless fig tree to wither, you can move mountains.

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