4 Ways God Shows His Eternal Love to Us

Did you know that love, at first sight, is really from God?
Sometimes, we’re so blind with the love of this world that we can’t see how God loves us.

God’s love for us is ETERNAL! There is no other love greater than His love for us. It’s not even comparable to the love in this world.

Every time I hear preacher/pastor say this, I always wonder how can someone love this world so much with all the evil things happening around?

Sometimes, it’s even in our lives that evil things are happening or even maybe with ourselves and yet, we question how can God still love us.

After reading Psalms 136, His love is truly eternal, regardless of the circumstances.

If you ever doubt God’s love is not as eternal as you think it is, here is some ways God shows His merciful love to us.


He loves because He is faithful

After Moses had saved the Israelites from Egypt, they continued to follow and worship other gods. However, God had promised to continue to love them and restore their joy and happiness in Jeremiah 31. No matter how far you may be from God, His love for you remains faithful.


He loves you like a friend

For many of us, we have very few close friends or even one best friend. You may have experienced some bad friendships in the past so love from a friend can be very hard to find. As for God, He chose us to be His friend because He loves us. He still continues to choose us, even when we don’t choose Him (Jn 15: 12-16)

Can you imagine that? There’s probably someone in your life that loves you like a friend, yet you don’t even know it.


He loved you when you were a sinner

You may have come a long way from your old ways but, there may be times when you slip up. What I’m trying to say is occasionally, we all sin. Sometimes, when you slip up again, you feel like the whole world is crashing at your feet and you’re about to face judgment.

It’s okay to feel guilty for your sin, just ask forgiveness and know that you are forgiven. However, sometimes forgiveness is not enough and needing God’s love is the only way we can feel forgiven.

If Jesus can sit at the table and have dinner with a bunch of sinners then I’m sure He can sit down with you and forgive you for your one sin. He did love us like that before and will continue to love us even more as followers (Rm 5:8).


He loves you like His own child

Love is first shown to us from our parents. They are the ones that raised us, discipline us, and even be there for us whenever we need them. But, some of us may never have that privilege. Some may have grown up without a mother or father, or even both parents.
God loves us as if we were His own children (Pr 3:12). Sometimes, He’ll discipline us because He loves us. God can be that parent you’ve always wanted, even if you have parents. Our parents can love us but, they can never love us like He loves us.

Eternal love is from God. He loves you because He is faithful. He loves you like a friend, as His own child, and will continue to love you when you sin. There is no love greater than His.

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