Go Meet God on a Mountain

Ever had a personal experience with God that was so memorable?

Remember how that felt like?

Growing up in church, I’ve always heard the expression that God is everywhere. I’ve always known He was with me wherever I go, even when I didn’t feel His presence.

Then there are those moments that I wish I could wholeheartedly feel Him. Wholeheartedly as the way Moses was able to and see God face to face.

Can you imagine seeing God face to face? That’s an experience I will forever cherish if ever given the chance to.

Have you ever felt the need to feel God wholeheartedly all the time wherever you go?

Wouldn’t it be just cool to be able to have Christ in your passenger seat of your car or even sitting at the desk next to you in class?

It will probably be more than just cool. It will be something that words can’t even express.

So where on this earth can you really hear God? Feel God? Talk to God?

Some of you may say anywhere; where you feel He is there. But how about on a mountain?

Before churches, people use to go to the mountains to hear prophets speak, to pray, to talk to God. Some were even lucky to see God face to face.

Mountains are part of God’s creation from the beginning and if He needed to meet you somewhere it was there. A place so beautiful and breathtaking. He couldn’t have chosen a better spot.

So why on a mountain?

On a mountain, you’re away from everything else around you. On a mountain, for a moment, everything that is happening in your life seems to sit still…. just for a moment. You can hear the wind blowing and hear the background in the distance but, it is very faint. On a mountain, you feel a sense of peace.

Several mountains were mentioned in the bible and here are some that God had revealed His glorious power and love.

Mount Moriah

This mountain is only mentioned in the bible twice. It is on this mountain that Abraham was tested for his faith. God had asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Issac as an offering to Him. Mount Moriah was named as the “Lord will provide.” (Gen 22:14)


Mount Sinai

After freeing the Israelites from captivity in Egypt, Moses had gone up the mountain to pray and talk with God (Ex 19:20). He had seen God face to face. With God, He had created the 10 Commandments on two tablets of stone (Ex 31:18). These were the laws that the Israelites had to follow and are still commandments that are followed today.


Mount Zion

The mountain where David took a stronghold of the city and named it after him. Afterward, God appointed him the next king of Israel (2 Sm 5:7).

In the book of Isaiah, it was prophesized that a precious stone, a cornerstone, a sure foundation was laid and that whoever believed in it, will be unshakeable. (Is 28:16) It was also said that the Liberator will come from Zion and will take away the sins (Rm 11:26).

That precious stone, the cornerstone, the Liberator to take away all sins is all pointing to Jesus Christ! #Christ #Jesus #faith #God Click To Tweet

Mount Zion was also known as the Holy Mountain; the city of God (Ps 48:2).


Other mentions of mountains

Jesus had given the beatitudes on the mount also known as the sermon on the mount (Mt 5:1-11)

Jesus had gone up to pray on mountain alone before meeting with the disciples at sea (Mt 14:23)

On all these mountains, these were people that encountered God. They prayed, spoke, sang to God on these mountains.
So if you ever need to feel, pray, or talk to Him, find a mountain nearby in your hometown. It’s always fun to take a nice hike but, make this hike to the mountain a memorable one.

Mountains are beautiful landscapes created by God. It is on the mountain where the 10 Commandments were made, where faith is being tested, where a city and king is established and where the prophesy of a Savior comes. It is on a mountain that one has a close and personal encounter with God. 

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