When You Don’t Feel Like Going to Church

You had an awesome Saturday evening and went to bed late; You deserve to have a couple late nights.

Then you hear that lovely alarm early Sunday morning; You know what alarm I’m talking about.

You’re half asleep and half awake and debating whether or not you should wake up.

The bed feels so nice and warm and this one thought comes to your head:

“I don’t feel like going to church today”.

Don’t worry! I had those same thoughts too. You just enjoyed your Saturday and you want to enjoy your Sunday but, you really don’t want to go to church.

Again, I had those same feelings. If anything, those feelings can get worse when the weather is perfect outside. LOL.

But, here’s a little secret I’ve experienced from going to church even when I DIDN’T want to.

Those Sundays that I do go to church willingly are never like the Sundays of when I don’t want to go to church. I will wake up in the morning, feeling grumpy because I decided to stay up late the night before. Those Sundays that I really didn’t feel like getting in the car and sitting at church because I wanted to sleep. Those Sundays that I wonder why I had committed myself to Christ and why I always have to please Him. Especially, those Sundays that I didn’t want to deal anything with God are the Sundays that in all honesty, I needed Him the most.

It was those moments that for once I felt like God spoke to me clearly and actually told me the root of my problems and how to fix them.

Don’t you wish that God could give you a direct answer all the time?

Sometimes God works that way and sometimes He doesn’t.

So why on earth do we feel that way?

Here’s the answer: We’re impatient with God!
Most of the time, we’re waiting for God to do something in our lives. We’re waiting for Him to solve all our problems, take away any misguided paths, and make our lives HOLY again.

Or you may even feel like God no longer has a “word” for you or even forgotten about you.

All those Sundays that you willingly did go to church was something you did every week and is probably where you felt like God didn’t speak to you at all.

Well here’s the thing: Stop waiting on God to speak to you and do what you know you should be doing.

In other words, do more than just attend church on Sundays. Do more than just read His Word.

Dig deeper in His Word. Study His Word. Make His Word your life.

God can do any miracle. He can complete any tasks you ask for but, you need to do something.

God is patiently waiting for us to stop being impatient with Him.

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Let that sink in for a bit. Have you ever been patient for someone who’s been impatient for something?

For instance, if you’re a parent you can relate. Your child just turned 16 and is now a licensed driver. He/she wants to get their own car but, they need to be patient. You, the parent, are patient enough to get them their car, however, your nagging teen wants their car already. Once they figured out what being patient is, is usually the time a lightbulb has struck. To get their car faster, they find a job and work their way up to a down-payment.

Well, the same concept goes with us. Those Sundays, where you really don’t want to go to church are really the Sundays God wants to speak to you directly. He’s letting you know what’s going on in your life and how to handle it. He’s just patiently waiting for you to do something about it.

But, you might be saying, I’ve been doing all that and yet, still nothing. Well, here’s another secret: DON’T STOP. If anything, pray more than your average prayer time. Study more than your average study time. Seek God wholeheartedly!

After coming out of church on those Sundays, I feel like my faith is restored in Christ again. I feel like I know what I need to do in order to get over my fears, struggles, situations, etc.

So, when you’re about to hit that snooze button on your alarm clock on Sunday morning, just for a moment think if that Sunday was to change your life around by God speaking directly to you. You will never want to hit that snooze button again.

Along with this post, I’ve created this free printable to help you get up in the morning and attend to church even when you don’t feel like it.

bible verse printable

Please feel free to download as many and share with others. Please refrain from posting on your website/blog, monetizing, or claiming property of it.

Those moments where you don’t feel like going to church are the moments God wants to speak with you. It is those moments where He will speak to you directly and tell you what you need to do and how to do them. So many of us have a weekly routine with God, that sometimes we become too comfortable. We lose sight of His Word and feel like He has nothing for us. We become impatient with God when our prayers aren’t answered. Well, God is patient with us. He is patiently waiting for us to stop being impatient with Him. So, do more for Him than you already have and see His blessings pour out.

When You Don't Feel Like Going To Church

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