5 Ways to Cherish Every Memory With Your Spouse

Don’t you wish you can relive those happy memories of when you and your husband started dating?

Do you have old movie tickets laying around or even love notes from your spouse?
I know a way on how you can enjoy those special things over and over again!

Love is such a strong word! My husband used to say this a lot when we first started dating. At that time, we didn’t even say “I love you” to each other. It was something very serious and sentimental for the both of us.

Well, after almost being 6 years knowing each other, I can’t stop saying it to him. He doesn’t say it as much as I do which I understand. He tells me I’m like all the other women: “emotional creatures” LOL.

When I think about all the memories we shared these past few years, I sometimes wish I can relive them. They were my best and happy moments. I know my husband and I will continue to create more memories but, I figured why not remember our memories in a special creative way.

Since we’ve been dating I’ve kept everything my husband has ever given me and everything we did together. Every now and then, I still cherish those moments by some of these creative ideas I have put together over the years of our relationship.


What woman doesn’t love flowers? They come in so many colors, types and sometimes have a unique fragrance. We may get flowers on our birthday, Valentine’s Day, special occasions or “Just For No Reason” (those are the best times). When the flowers have started to wilt and die, let them dry out for another day or two. When all dried out, pluck a couple of the dead flowers that are still intact. Get a plain envelope and seal them. Mark the date on the front of the envelope and place the envelope in a box or some place where you keep all your memories. I have about 9 envelopes filled with dead flowers. It may seem a little disgusting but just by looking at the date and knowing I still have them makes me relive that special memory.

Movie Tickets

I’m sure most of you had few first dates that included a dinner and a movie. Am I right? Don’t worry, our first date was a movie and dinner also, LOL. Once that first date was a success, there will be much more movie date nights. When going to the movies, keep the tickets. Keep them someplace safe where they won’t get wrinkled or torn. After having a couple of movie tickets, place them in baseball card sheets to make them last. Once in while, pull that sheet out and recreate movie night with your significant other. You can easily find movies on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

Photo Collage

Sometimes, we like to make memories last by capturing them in photos. But how often do you remember the month or year that photo was taken? It can be difficult to remember. Instead of having a pile of photos of your dearest moments kept away in a folder, make a collage out of them. Better yet, make a collage of the photos you’ve taken that year (if you remember). That way it can be easier to remember those important dates!

Favorite Spots

This idea will only work if you’re still residing near the area of your special moments: first kiss, first date, wedding venue, etc. Drive by these areas with your love one and relive those memories. You won’t believe the emotions you will feel when you revisit those places. After visiting a couple or possibly all of them, you will feel more connected with your love one more than ever. Occasionally, my husband and I will visit the place of where we got married. Even though we’ve only been married for a year, it is the most sentimental memory for the both of us.

Love notes

You ever picked up a folded piece of paper and wondered what’s inside of it? Once you open it, you realized it’s a love note that either you or your significant other wrote. Oh, how sweet! Take those loves notes and make a scrapbook out of them. You can also laminate them and secure them in a binder. Once in awhile, read those love notes together. It’s like reading your own love story.

Our memories are one thing we will always carry in our hearts. Sometimes, we have small things that remind of that memory such movie tickets, love notes, or a photo. Instead of having them lying around, make something out of them. Whether it’s a baseball sheet of all the movies you’ve seen together or even taking a drive to the spots you both enjoy, it’s all about reliving and cherishing that memory. Keep that love relationship strong!

What other ways do you or your husband cherish your memories? Please feel free to share this with your significant other or anyone you may know who may enjoy this.

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