Teach Kids the Story of Noah’s Ark at the Zoo

Want to make a Sunday school lesson exciting where the kids will be engaged and have lots fun?

Ever thought of having a Bible lesson fun places…. like a zoo?

Just this past weekend, my husband and I went to the Bronx Zoo. Each weekend, we try to schedule something fun, exciting, and different to get away from our normal busy lives.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to the Bronx Zoo and even though my husband and I don’t have any kids of our own, I’ve learned things about the animals that I didn’t know before.

As I was walking around, following the map I picked up and taking pictures of the creatures, I couldn’t help but bring myself to remember a story that made this little adventure even more exciting: the story of Noah’s Ark.

Almost everyone and anyone who had grown up in a church, know this story. It’s one of the main children’s books to read while growing up.

Some may have learned the story in Sunday school while others may have learned the story at home before bedtime. However way, this beautiful story talks about how Noah obeyed God’s Word, saved himself, his family and every animal on the earth.

I was once a Sunday school teacher and it can get frustrating to get the kids engaged in the bible, especially if they don’t have any activities to go along with the lesson. The same old concept of cutting paper, gluing, coloring can become boring after a while. So why not try something more exciting!

Going to the zoo to teach the story of Noah’s Ark is a fun way to get the kids involved as well as enjoy the animals that God has created and placed on this earth. Not every Sunday school lesson can be like this, but a little change can make things a little more exciting.

So if you’re a teacher, a pastor, a leader, or even a parent and like this idea for the children, then check out this checklist to help make your trip a little easier.


Begin with communicating with the pastor, leader, church members, and parents about the idea of bringing the children to the zoo. Make an announcement in the church and hand out permission slips to the parents. Make a flyer and post it in your church’s bulletin board.


Find a Zoo

Do some internet searching and find the local zoos that are nearby. While searching, check out their prices. Most zoos have a group pass so check out which one will be more beneficial for your church’s budget.



Figure out the cost of the trip including tickets, gas, lunch, and gift shop. Average the amount each child can spend on the trip.



Most churches have their own van and can bring the children no problem. If not, communication on transportation will need to be discussed. Some parents may want to take the day off and enjoy the zoo with their child.



Just like elementary school or any other church event, you need chaperones. You need someone who is willing to look over 10+ kids of all ages and has really good PATIENCE! Find someone who can make the zoo trip extra fun!


Now for some creativity!



Depending on the weather, you want to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. You may have a small or large group going with you and keeping an eye on all (even with the help of chaperones) can be stressful. Look for some matching t-shirts that everyone can wear or even colorful hats to wear. Make sure it’s something that stands out.


Bible Trivia

While on the way to the trip, have a trivia game with the kids and test their knowledge on the story of Noah’s Ark. Make it a team vs team or individual game. Either way, get them involved with the story.


Noah’s Ark Worksheet

While walking through the zoo, give each child this worksheet in which they have to find two of every animal (male & female). When they find it, they can circle the animal. This will get the children excited to search for the animals and make the trip faster. 

Noah's Ark Worksheet


Doesn’t this seem like lots of fun? Why sit in a classroom and read the stories of the Bible when you can share them by doing these type of activities.

I had enjoyed walking through the Bronx Zoo with my husband. Here are some of my adventures at the zoo!

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Also, I’ve made this easy and simple printable checklist to help make your trip a little easier.

Zoo Trip Checklist

Learning the stories of the Bible can be fun. But why not make it extra fun by doing these type of field trips. Going to the zoo while talking about Noah’s Ark is a fun way for kids to engage in the story as well as have fun learning about all the different kinds of animals. Not only will the kids enjoy their time at the zoo but, they will always remember the story of Noah and the Ark whenever they visit.


Teach Kids the Story of Noah's Ark at the Zoo

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