4 Dating Tips For Christians

Dating can be fun! But if you’re someone after God’s heart, it can be difficult to date. Trying to find someone who honors and loves God like you do can be tricky. There may be someone in your church or even someone you’ve met in college.

You never know how God works!

When my husband and I were dating, these were some of the things that we did that brought us together and still do in our marriage.

If you were to ask my husband and I today how we met, we most likely say it was something that God had planned all along. In fact, I wasn’t looking to date anyone at the time anyway. My excuse was I was “emotionally numb”.

To give you some background, I was giving my friend, Josie, a ride to school since we both attended the same college. She had mentioned she was meeting up with a friend in the student services building and that I may be interested.

I told her I wasn’t looking for anyone at the time but, who knows how God works. And believe it that He did do His miracle!

She had met up with Joel (my husband) and introduced me to him; We greeted and exchanged smiles.

Right away, Josie says:  “Aww, you two are going to get married!”

We both gave her this look like she was crazy! Well, today we realized that not only Josie is a fun joyful girl, but also a woman after God’s heart, and a woman God had used to confirm a relationship that Joel and I didn’t even know would have happened.

Sounds crazy, right?

4 Dating Tips for Christians

We’ve been together for almost 6 years and have been happily married for almost 2. We didn’t rush into things because we had let God be the center of our relationship. Without God, we wouldn’t have the marriage we have today.

Joel and I have been dating for almost 4 years before we exchanged vows. To many people, that may seem like a long time and honestly, it was a long time. But, it was worth the wait. It was worth to know that he is the one that God had set aside for me as I am for him.

That is what I want to write about in this blog post. Too many people rush into being in a relationship, get married, maybe have a kid or two, only to see it end in divorce.

For those 4 years we’ve been dating, I like to share some dating tips on how it helped our relationship and how it helps our marriage today.


Both my husband and I had prayed to God for our “ideal” spouse. God does look at all the qualities you ask for: height, looks, sense of humor, nationality, etc. But, God also gives you someone to balance out your weaknesses.

Pray to God for someone that knows His word. There’s nothing more special than finding someone who knows His word like you do. Someone that loves to worship, share the gospel, and bring others to Christ. Find someone that is willing to pray with you and for you when your times of struggle appear.



Being honest with one another not only will help your relationship, but will you bring closer. You need to be able to open to one another of thoughts, fears, concerns, just like you would to God. There may be things that you don’t want to share just yet, but be as honest to one another as much as possible.

The more honesty there is between each other, the more trustworthy you both become. You will be able to confide in one another about anything and everything.



Along with prayer and honesty, patience is also something important in a relationship. You ever heard that phrase “Patience is a virtue”, well it can be helpful not only in your relationship but in your relationship with God as well. You need to learn how to be patient with God.

Before Joel and I started dating, I had prayed many times to God if he was the one for me. I’ve prayed these prayers before because I didn’t want to be deceived by a man of his charm. Being patient with God has taught me to trust Him with the person He has set aside for me.

When we did start dating, I wasn’t walking in the ways of the Lord. I’ll admit that I knew who God was, but I was in a “rut” I guess you can say. Joel has prayed for me to seek God and follow His ways again. Not only did he pray but, he was patient. I didn’t come to the Lord and accept Christ as my Savior until we were about 6 months of dating.

I don’t know about you, but if you can find someone who is willing to wait that long for you, I guess you can say they are a keeper! Truly though, someone who practices patience and prays for you is something valuable in a relationship. It is even more valuable in a marriage.


A Sense of Humor

I have to throw this one in because the moment Joel and I started dating, the way he got to my heart was making me laugh on a daily basis. We need to laugh every day! It makes us have a joyful heart. When I think about laughter, I think about Sarah who laughed when an angel of God told her that she will bore a son. Even though she was barren, miraculously, she bore Issac! I always say don’t joke around with God, because He will have the last laugh!

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Someone who is joyful and can make you laugh is something unique. There will be inside jokes that only the two of you understand and that’s what makes your relationship, your marriage under God unique. If God can make jokes with the people he loves, why can’t we?

The bible says “A joyful heart is a good medicine (Pr 17:22)”.

Someone who has a joyful heart has Christ in their heart. Someone who can make you laugh has joy. Laughter is good medicine for the heart.

It all ties together.

There may be other dating tips for Christians but, these are the things that work for our relationship. They may work for you and maybe one out of the four work but know that finding someone who honors and believes in God like you do is the key to a possible relationship.

There are so many dating tips and as a Christian, it can be hard to find the one that honors and loves God like you do. Prayer, honesty, patience and a good sense of humor are what helped our relationship and still helps our marriage today. Keep praying to God and be patient; God has already set aside someone for you.

Know anyone who may need this encouragement? Please feel free to share with others.

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Remember that friend I had mentioned earlier? My friend Josie is a woman after God’s own heart. She loves to worship His name. Feel free to check out her Facebook Page to listen to her sing! She has a beautiful voice and uses it all for the glory of God!

4 Dating Tips for Christians

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