4 Ways God Confirms Your Prayers

God hears your prayers. Whatever you ask for, you shall receive as it is said in the Bible. However, do you wonder if God is answering your prayer? Does it seem like He is but, can’t tell if that’s Him or a coincidence?

When I had accepted Christ at 19, everything about being a Christian was new to me. It felt like I was going through grade school to know what it was like to live a Christian life. All my life I was raised as a Catholic up until I was 16 where I decided to stop going to church because honestly, I didn’t feel anything.

However, I have always believed in prayer. No matter what I went through, I have always sent a prayer up to God, hoping He heard it. For those of you who wonder if God hears your prayers, He does!

In one of the Psalms, David cries out for help. In his prayer, he says:

The Lord has heard my plea for help; The Lord accepts my prayers (Ps 6:9)

So yes, God does hear your prayers but He also accepts them. He doesn’t put them on a waiting list to be reviewed or throw it in the garbage as junk mail. He accepts them and listens to them.

Many of us wonder if God hears our prayers but that’s not really the main concern. The main concern is whether or not God will answer or confirm our prayers.

The first time I heard confirmation was when I was in Catholic Sunday School. I did my confirmation but, I never understood what it meant until I had accepted Christ.

Confirmations are ways God answers our prayers.

When I pray for something I always ask God to confirm it because I want to solely base my decision on Him and on His will. Whenever we pray for something, we should pray that it will be for His will. He will send His Holy Spirit to guide us and let us know that it is truly from Him.

So I like to share with you some ways God answers or confirms your prayers. Along with each way, I will share some personal experiences of how God answered my prayers.

Ways God Confirms Your Prayers



God can answer our prayers in our dreams. Joseph was always known as the dreamer boy in the book of Genesis. He dreamt that all the stars were bowing down to one star and he interpreted it as his family bowing down to him. His family, especially his brothers, didn’t believe him and had sold him into slavery. Well, Joseph did become king and his brothers were bowing down to him.

When J and I were dating, I had always prayed to God and asked if he was the one that He put aside for me to marry. I’ve been in bad relationships before so I didn’t want to waste any time in another if it wasn’t what God wanted.

Well, the night before J had proposed, I had dreamt that J was proposing to me in a church. When I had woke up that morning, I had asked my mother if J was going to propose and she looked at me like I was crazy. J had picked me up for church and on the way I had asked him if he was going to propose, he gave me this look like I was crazy.

Surprisingly, in the middle of service, I see J walk up the to the altar and was given the microphone to speak. Little did I know that my family was in the church in the back waiting to see my proposal. J called me up to the altar and asked for my hand in marriage.

I had already known J was going to propose. No one told me but God himself. Till this day, my husband can’t believe God spilled the beans! Lol

 women sleeping or dreaming


Through His Word

Ever needed an answer right away to something? For me, I usually look it up in Google and can see the top articles that will answer any questions I may have.

But what about questions like testing your faith? Or on strength? Or on anything that hinders our walk in Jesus? I’m sure Google can direct you to passages in the Bible but, I’ve been there and it’s usually not what I’m looking for.

Sometimes, we need to directly get the answer from God and that will be through His word. One thing I like to do is pray for the situation that is bothering my heart and with my eyes closed, I open to the page that my faith directs me to. Most of the time, I get my answer directly from the chapters I read. Sometimes, it may be the first sentence but, in other times I may need to read the whole page.

God confirms your prayers directly through His word. There’s nothing more pleasing than being able to go back to your Bible and find all the answers in there. I’ve done this on multiple occasions and not once has God failed me.


Women reading Bible


Songs/Radio Station

The book of Psalms is filled with prayers and songs of worship. Nowadays, songs come in all forms of genre. In the Christian genre, there’s worship, contemporary, rock, gospel, and many others. Ever turn on your favorite Christian radio station and hear the verse of the day? Did it surprise you that the verse answered one of your prayers?

That is God’s way confirming your prayer! Or how about through a song? I remember before I had started all this blogging stuff, I had prayed day after day if this is what God wanted me to do. Everyone has their own way of spreading the Gospel, so I had believed that this is what God wanted me to do. It took a lot of patience and prayer but, God made it clear to me through a song. “This is my Desire” by Jeremy Camp came on my iPod as I was driving and tears were streaming down my face because I knew that God wanted me to blog to spread the Gospel.

It was a beautiful moment I had with God and even till this day I listen to that song to remind myself that God called me to blogging to spread His word.

Has God called you to spread the Gospel through blogging? Are wondering if you’ll be good enough? Check out this post why you will be good enough!


Car Radio with Songs


Through His People

In the Old Testament, we read about angels approaching the people and speak of prophecies that will happen. An angel came to Sarah and told her she will bear a son and name him Issac. An angel came to Abraham when he was about to sacrifice Issac on the rock and told him the Lord has found him faithful.

Today, God sends His people to confirm prayers. You may have had a brother or sister in Christ come up to you out of the blue and say something that may be the answer to your prayer. You may never have spoken a word to that brother or sister in Christ or explain to them the situation and yet, God uses them to confirm your prayer.

Sometimes, God may use a random stranger. Strangers are His people too. Everyone created on this earth are His people. Every single one of them, He created them in His likeness. Not everyone may be a Christ follower in your eyes, but God may have something special with them and uses them for His advantage.

For nearly 2 years, I had walked away from church. I had walked away from God. In those 2 years, God sends me 3 random people to remind me that He still loves me no matter how far I was. They barely knew me nor my situation but, every single one came up and told me that God still loves me. It’s moments like that helped me realized God is always near.



Whatever you ask in prayer, you shall receive (Mt 7:7) God is always faithful and whatever you ask of Him, He will answer you in a special way.

There are times where we need God to confirm something yet, sometimes we don’t know how He is doing it. Through these personal experiences, I believe God is everywhere and wherever I’m at, God appears at the perfect time. Through His Holy Spirit, He will guide us and let us know that He is answering our prayer. I always say it’s no coincidence with God. He will answer you in His own special way.

How has God answered your prayers? Let me know in the comments below.

4 Ways God Confirms Your Prayers

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35 thoughts on “4 Ways God Confirms Your Prayers

  1. God sent a homeless man to confirm my plea for help in dealing with huge argument in my family…so many horrible things were said to each other. I was lost, I felt so alone and was just….sad.

    I pulled in to work one particular morning when I had been crying (again), and I saw a homeless man approaching my car. I was in no mood to speak with a “beggar” who probably wanted money for drugs, so I got out of the car and immediately said, “I’m sorry, I have no money to give to you.”

    That’s when he took my hands into his and said, “I don’t want your money. I came to tell you that the Lord loves you and is always with you. He knows you’re hurting, and He will never leave you, just have faith and keep praying.”

    I’ve never seen him since, and this happened a year ago. I still get goosebumps whenever I think about His message! Thank you Father God for loving me! ❤

    1. That is amazing! Thank you for sharing your testimony. It seems like we expect people to ask for certain things and instead all they offer us is love through God’s eyes!

  2. This is a great post. Thank you!

    When you mention that you go to the page in scripture that faith leads you to, how do you determine that? I bet I’m overthinking this. Ha!

    1. Hi Holly,

      When I close my eyes and let my faith lead me, I’m letting God take control and show me in His Word what He wants me to read. Usually, I read until something hits me in my spirit. It’s one of those moments where I feel that was my “Aha” moment. I hope this makes sense to you. I’d be happy to explain any more questions you may have. God bless.



  3. I was God’s messenger to answer a prayer. So unbelievable how He works. I have no small children, but one of our renters moved out taking just the necessities. I had the chore of emptying and disposing of the stuff left behind. I immediately realized there were a lot of small clothes. I text a friend I had met 2 weeks before and asked her if her kids could use clothes. She said an hour before my text as she spoke/prayed to God she told Him her kids needed clothes. Her little boy especially, he needed shirts. I asked what size and she said 3, there were 32 size 3 shirts. There were clothes for all of her kids. It brings tears to my eyes to this day to think how He places us where we need to be.

  4. I have seen and experienced all these outside of the dreams. Sometimes God sends messages through things we see and read in random places. Sometimes we are lead back to the same sign multiple times. It’s on us to hear what God has to say. Sometimes He’s giving us the answer and we’re not listening. Stay strong disciples and strong in faith. God Bless and much love to all.

  5. When I made my commitment to Jesus, it was during the hymn, “Blessed Assurance.” Months later, after a difficult period of time, my husband made the same choice….same hymn. The following morning driving to work, I’ll admit I was doubting that anything would change in our relationship. I turned on the radio in my car….the song that was playing….”Blessed Assurance!” That was thirty years ago. When things are not as they should be, I can remind myself that Jesus is definitely in control……blessed assurance.

  6. During the last recession I was out of work for over 2 years. I lost almost everything, my home and all my savings. I had to move in with someone who wouldn’t let me keep my cat. I had to put her in a shelter that wasn’t a no kill shelter. They usually only kept animals for two months. After 4 months I had a job interview and they hired me via phone as I was driving back from the interview. The first thing I did was drive to the shelter. I searched every room and every cage. She wasn’t there. I started to cry and someone asked me what I was looking for. I said “my cat”. They said there is one more room down here that wasn’t labeled. In the last room in the last cage was my cat. I sent up a prayer of thanksgiving.against all odds they had not euthanized her even though it was months after I surrendered her. The Lord kept her for me! I interviewed on a Wednesday, had a new apartment by Saturday and started my new job on Monday. Another way the Lord confirms is by everything falling into place. My cat is now 11 years old and in good health, still with me. I just have to look at her and I am still amazed at good the Lord is!

    1. Anna that is a beautiful testimony! It brought tears to my eyes to read this. I have 2 cats of my own and they are my world! They are a handful but I couldn’t imagine a day without them. God is good! He knows what your heart needs and will always comfort you no matter what!

  7. When God answers my current prayer, i wiil get back to you and let you know. I am confident that if this request is in accordance with His will this prayer request will be answered.

  8. Just this week, I am confused as to what should I do because I enrolled in a school and the only Schedule is Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is my discipleship group and I can’t give up on that. Sunday, there is an afternoon service, so I chose a Sunday schedule. But it is contrary to what my heart’s desire. If I go to school in a Sunday, that means I cannot go to church with my family who was recently restored the relationship with the Lord. I prayed to God if it is His will, then thy will be done. And just yesterday, a fellowship leader called me and asked me if I could volunteer as an assistant in the Kids Ministry (this Sunday) which I desired ever since I was young, Helping the kids in the church, telling bible stories, making memories and most of all serving the Lord. At first I was hesitant but for a few minutes I realized that was God’s answer to my prayer! ☺ Who am I doto reject it? I am so happy and indeed, God answers our prayers in so many different ways. God bless us all! ☺

    1. Jin,

      I have to say I was in the same exact spot a couple years ago. I was a Sunday School teacher for the kids in my church as well attending school and praying for my family to seek the Lord as well. I will tell you one thing if your heart desires to seek God more, than do just that. He will guide your steps. God is no author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33). He will direct your steps, you just have to be attentive to His voice. From my experience, I had suffered church burnout because I was doing too many things at once that I rarely had any quality time for God. So, before you make any decision, think about your relationship with God. Will doing too many things hinder your walk? I hope and pray everything works out for you. Will love to hear how everything’s going with you,



  9. Thank you so much for your blog. I am really struggling with healing for my current health issues and am looking for confirmation of my prayers. Thank you.

  10. This is an answer to my prayer. I have been wondering if God heard my plea and has he answered, just today someone confirmed my request via a dream they had. Still i kept doubting and told myself I need God himself to tell me. After reading this I realise he has answered me and made it know to me in many ways. I have just been blind… Thanks for this at this moment. Stay blessed

  11. I was wondering if I could get baptized again after coming from a Catholic based religion to a real relationship with the Lord. I was asking people but I didn’t have any satisfying answer. So at some point I stopped asking and looking for the answer…that’s when I was watching a youtuber (kirbyisaboss) and she was explaining her mission trip to Spain and then she started talking about her getting baptized again I was crying so hard. That was the answer I was looking for at the right time! I feel like when it’s from God you know it immediately.

    1. Jenny,

      Amen! I actually was Catholic before I became Christian. It was a personal decision of mine because I wanted to feel connected with God but also felt forgiven for my past sins. I pray that your baptism is an awesome experience as mine was.



  12. I have prayed many times for God to speak loudly and repeat it so I get its Him….I am always amazed when I pray or study about something then I hear it on the radio or in church. One thing that I will add is that I believe God can speak directly to his people. I have had a few occasions where I feel like I heard a voice speaking to me. I was in a difficult situation and praying for God to help me decide about two choices and I heard God say you have a third choice, just choose me. That was a huge turning point in my life and my walk with God

  13. About 19 years ago I was about to fly for the first time in my life…a business trip for my job. A colleague dropped me off at the airport 4 hours from home. My original 3:00 flight was cancelled for engine malfunction, the next flight filled up, and I ended up waiting on a 9:00 pm flight.I was super anxious. No cell phone. While waiting, a woman came to sit next to me and told me she felt to tell me from God that everything was going to be ok. God is always on time for us!

  14. It’s really amazing. I’m a catholic too. Now a strong disciple of Christ, there had been moments when my catholic faith was shaken. Then I decided to ask God for help. He spoke to me and cleared all my doubts. He strengthened my faith. This helped me not to quit. As you have said, God continues to talk to me in either of the four ways you have explained. Thank you Father for answering my prayers and guiding me in your path.

  15. Love your blog
    I being a Christian for the last past 17 years I have struggle with my faith for so long I have been so close to throw the towel and called quit 😔😔😔
    Went thru a divorce and losted everything except my job and the love of GOD
    I feel like GOD doesn’t want to have anything to do with me
    I just need to hear a confirmation from GOD that I am going to be ok
    I’m still waiting to hear from him

    1. Jenny,

      God is love. He wouldn’t anything in this world but you! I’ve heard this song on the Christian radio that helps remind me that God wants me no matter what. It’s called Control by Tenth Avenue North. I pray it may speak to your heart and that you may be able to find the love of God in all areas of your life. I will be praying for you.


  16. WOW…. this is exactly how I KNOW He answers me…. especially the dreams and songs.
    I have many times wondered if I was doing what I am supposed to and if I was good enough for Him. See I am in charge of a quilting ministry at church and have been wondering if what I am doing is right what He wants me to do. So I was asked to make a baby quilt for our new children’s minister after fighting with my sewing machine and ripping the entire top apart because I was trying to achieve absolute perfection, after all this was for a pastor at my church. I said to my husband I needed to go to the fabric store and rebuy all new fabric and just start over because I am totally insufficient to do this task. On the way to Hobby Lobby I was crying and asking God why do I have to be so awful a quilter? I am so bad and there are so many more talented people at my church who would love to do this for them why me? I was listening to my K-love radio station and a speaker came on and he said that there are people who feel they are never good enough for God and His mercies and grace and he wanted to tell these people that God loves us just the way we are, who we are and we don’t have to do anything to impress Him.We are sufficient for Him….Needless to say the water was turned on full blast and I praised Him and said ok, I get it I am good enough for this task. I came home and finished the quilt and pillow. We went to church the next morning and the baby shower that afternoon and everybody loved the quilt and I felt so much better about what I am doing for Him. He talks to us if we just be still and listen, I know that commercial was for me at that time. It was God answering my questions and hearing me ask from a very broken place. He is near the broken,,,and I was very broken at this point.
    I still can’t sew a straight line to save my life but I know He has me doing this for a reason. God has blessed me a million times over through this ministry. I have seen many blessings and prayers answered. I know it is all from God. He is amazing and I love Him.

  17. I was in giant eagle with my daughter, this was a day I didn’t feel like going to the store but I made myself go. So I’m in line and this lady offered to give me some washing powder and she said take it don’t block your blessings. I took bit she also said whatever it is your dealing with God hasn’t left you he is with you just give it to god and let it go cause your worrying yourself. She says I don’t know you but God told me to send you this message. On the way out the store she gave me the detergent gave me her number and that was it.. I knew it was God confirming that he is with me because I felt so alone and here this nice lady sending me this message… Thank you for posting this this was very much needed. .

  18. God knows the future in moment details..and He provides all for His people on the planet. Especial the ones that call on Him. We don’t have to be repentant state or even know of Him…(Rom 11:29). God has been steadily guiding me to do and be something that is far beyond my little imagination and much expectations, through dreams, visions and songs in my mind at night as I sleep. He told to read 1st Sam 2:7 and likewise 2nd Sam 2:7 first part. He sent my friends that I have not told about the events that took place to answer my prayer for direction. God gives us passions and ambitions to fulfil His divine purpose, which is our core purpose. I cannot say it all yet, but when it is completed I tell it all. Don’t be afraid to try God at His everything.

  19. I love this entire post. I wanted to say I have seen God answer prayers I’ve also seen him reassure us that he stands behind us. I was a just a little girl around 12 or 13 when he would send two angels down to see me. I was testifying in court and felt awful over it and thought I would be unloved. Court broke for a little recess during my testimony and no one was in the bathroom, it was guarded so no one would enter while I was there. I washed my face and a little old lady appeared behind me. She was there to tell me my parents would be very proud of me and that God was too. About a week later my counselor had a letter placed under his door addressed to me that basically stated the same thing. I have seen his miracles since and he really does answer but sometimes we miss the signs or have to wait.

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