4 Dating Tips for Christians
4 Dating Tips For Christians
Dating can be fun! But if you’re someone after God’s heart, it can be difficult to date. Trying to find
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5 Ways to Cherish Every Memory With Your Spouse
Don’t you wish you can relive those happy memories of when you and your husband started dating? Do you have
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One Special Gift You Can Give for Valentine’s Day
<imgclass=”aligncenter wp-image-727 size-full” src=”” alt=”” width=”960″ height=”638″ /> Flowers, chocolate, heart-shaped balloons, all this money spent just to make the
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Why You Should Stay Single For a Year
Why You Should Stay Single For A Year
You had just ended a relationship. The both of you tried to keep things together but, almost every day you
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Get to a Woman's Heart By Making Her Laugh
Get to a Woman’s Heart By Making Her Laugh
Ladies! Are you having trouble figuring out if he’s the one? Are you having these feelings that you might think
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